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     Shanghai Yiqi Rubber Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.Located in Huangpu District, Shanghai, located in Huangpu District Ruijin South Road on the 1st 26 A room convenient transportation. Companies registered capital of 3 million yuan, adhere to a high starting point of planning, high standards of construction, to create first-class hardware environment, in a people-oriented principle, the company's existing factory use area of ??37,296 square meters, construction area of ??16,000 square meters, production area of ??8,000 square meters , The company supporting facilities, production, design and development as one of professional manufacturers. The company's existing four composite lines, a single microwave extrusion line two, more than two sets of plastic extruder and hydraulic flat vulcanizing machine more than 100 Taiwan, testing equipment, the annual production capacity of more than 1000 million meters of various types of seals and All kinds of molded products, the annual output value of more than 8000 million, the existing staff of 85, 16 technical and quality assurance personnel, all kinds of management staff 11, for many years engaged in Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Northwest Rubber Research Institute for my company technical adviser , Using Japan and Taiwan advanced technology for my company's products escort. Is now ISO16949 international certification. The company strictly in accordance with the 16949 management system for management, the scene by 6 S management model.


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